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2024       Q2 Causes


Thank you for taking the time to learn about this quarter's causes! After reviewing the choices, please vote using the form below. 

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City of Good helps build a sustainable food system by supporting local farmers, restaurants, and neighbors experiencing food insecurity. 
They have distributed over 90,000 nutritious, restaurant-made meals to children, refugees, seniors, and others lacking access to the food they need. They’ve also distributed more than 20 tons of local produce and over $33,000 worth of culturally-appropriate shelf stable goods to school pantries and early learning centers for kids to take home.
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Packed with Promise is working hard to restore children with dignity and promise for their future. Entering the foster care system is a traumatic experience for any child. Unfortunately, the message we send them when we provide them with a trash bag to carry their belongings is far from comforting. That's why our mission is to provide every child in foster care with a diaper bag, suitcase, or duffle bag to replace their trash bag. By doing so, we hope to give them back their dignity and let them know that their life is still packed with promise.

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